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  3. Glad you came over and joined the site, really nice to see you contributing so much already.
  4. If you look on lcpdfr.com there are non-els parts and vehicles on there in the downloads section.
  5. GalaxyXX


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  12. GalaxyXX

    Where to buy?

    Hey guys im wondering who or where do i buy non els lightbars and vehicle models and parts etc. - thank you GalaxyXX
  13. Hello i am GalaxyXX or just Galaxy. My backstory is that rn im 13, im a wisconsinite i do lots of skins for vehicles in my spare time. i also light to edit the carcols and light textures of vehicles to have them be unique. What do i do? RN im developing a Wisconsin State Roleplay Server, we have set a POSSIBLE release date for the grand opening which would be 04/20/19. Im hoping to see ya'll there (Yes im a wisconsinite redneck).
  14. * Format: <color value="0xAARRGGBB"/> - Examples: # Red <color value="0xFFFF0000"/> # Blue <color value="0xFF0000FF"/> # Orange <color value="0xFFFF5000"/> # Yellow <color value="0xFFFFFF00"/> # Amber <color value="0xFFFFD700"/> # Green <color value="0xFF00FF00"/> # Purple <color value="0xFFFF00FF"/> # White <color value="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
  15. I'll go check him out, do you mind sending me his Discord in Pm?
  16. he does all the metas for redneck and SAF uses alot of his cars like there fire silverado
  17. Advertisement space on the main forum page sidebar, for all to see.


    For ONE month.


  18. Advertise your server or channel in the GTA V section of the forum for 1 Month.


  19. Hi, my name is Destiny and i have been a part of hadfield's Next Generation Roleplay Fivem Community as his developer. I joined in beginning of 2018 and started working my way up! I'm a 19 year old belgian citizen of almighty great Europe and currently studying ICT. This consist networking and programming. I do FiveM stuff on my free time. I currently play on New Age Roleplay as a Highway Patrol Trooper. I play airsoft as a hobby and own an upgraded M4, an fn five-seven pistol and an l96 sniper rifle. I mostly play with the sniper outdoors during summer/spring times. During other seasons i tend to revert to indoor CQB. I also have a passion for building and maintaining PC's. I built my own pc myself, consisting of: I5 6400 Overclocked to 3.20 16GB of RAM 2 and 1/2 TB of storage GTX 960 4GB OC G1 Gaming by Gigabyte Gigabyte ultra durable motherboard (don't know the exact model out of my head) 650W PSU by Xilent Apart from that i welcome you all to Next Generation! Hope to be spending time with you all! Regards, ~ Destiny
  20. oh damn I will have to look at his vehicles he isn't a creator I am familiar with
  21. Yes but i cant release the silverado due to it being paid for by Jacob/Zeakor Designs. (it is all ambers) I will be posting a pic of it with the snowplow attachment later
  22. Android because i have a android and they are reliable as my phone is.
  23. I will be releasing a skin soon thats a skin for Wisconsin DOT. except from most of our DOT trucks are owned by the county. But we have lots of trucks that look like these that are owned by the state.
  24. Okay so I will kick things off with a big debate, Android or IOS and why?
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