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    Community Name: Rust Friends Community Owner: IGS Apex Community Features: Active Staff, Friendly Community, Lots of cool plugins Plugins: BetterChat, BetterLoot, Clans, DeathNotes, GatherManager, InstantCraft, Kits, NTeleportation, QuickSmelt, RemoverTool, Trade, ZLevels and much much more. Description: Explore, Build, & Fight a better Rust. Rust Friends has 4 different servers to pick from. Check our website server list for one that suits you. Discord link: https://discord.gg/Pn3AJtg Website Link: https://rustfriends.weebly.com/
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    Hi, my name is Destiny and i have been a part of hadfield's Next Generation Roleplay Fivem Community as his developer. I joined in beginning of 2018 and started working my way up! I'm a 19 year old belgian citizen of almighty great Europe and currently studying ICT. This consist networking and programming. I do FiveM stuff on my free time. I currently play on New Age Roleplay as a Highway Patrol Trooper. I play airsoft as a hobby and own an upgraded M4, an fn five-seven pistol and an l96 sniper rifle. I mostly play with the sniper outdoors during summer/spring times. During other seasons i tend to revert to indoor CQB. I also have a passion for building and maintaining PC's. I built my own pc myself, consisting of: I5 6400 Overclocked to 3.20 16GB of RAM 2 and 1/2 TB of storage GTX 960 4GB OC G1 Gaming by Gigabyte Gigabyte ultra durable motherboard (don't know the exact model out of my head) 650W PSU by Xilent Apart from that i welcome you all to Next Generation! Hope to be spending time with you all! Regards, ~ Destiny
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