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Applying For Medic
1. Name: Replay
2. Age: 20
3. Discord Name: Replay
4. How long have you been playing Next Generation Roleplay: Very New Willing To learn
5. Have you got any EMS or Firefighting Roleplay experience? No im new to rp but willing to learn 
6. Have you got any real world EMS or Firefighting experience? im first aid trained 
7. What skills would you be able to bring to the Fire Department? Was More Into The Medic Side Of Things But if thats what u need i can serve and protect.
8. Why do you want to be a member of the LACoFD? (Min 30 words.) Because i am a light hearted individual that is looking to have some fun a bigger more active server
9. What timezone are you in? GMT BST
10. Have you ever been banned from any RP server? If so, Why? Nope
11. Tell us a little more about yourself. (Min 30 words.) Im Replay Im 20 years old from the northwest of england (UK) thats has a passion for gaming and looking to make new friends along the way
application has been approved and need to set up a time to do an interview

J. Hennery
Fire Chief
Last person to post wins

The time limit for this game is FOREVER, so take your time and attempt to win.

Im winning as of now.

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