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Gang Rules
NGRP Gang Rules

Gangs that operate on Next Generation Roleplay must follow the following rules in order to remain operational on the server. For gangs to be officially recognized they must first fill in the application form and be approved by the server admin team.

Basic Guidelines

Gangs must have some form of ranking structure with a leader and co-leader.
All members of the gang must follow all server rules at all times.
Government workers can NOT be gang members. (Subject to change once we are able to have multiple characters)

Basic Rules

Gangs must roleplay fear correctly. The Value of Life is important to understand for all characters to be able to develop a story and progress with interactions with others.
Gang members need to remember that as well as being gang members their characters are still individuals and must partake in civilian-esque roleplay with characters outside of the gang.
Gangs must do some research on the roleplay style which their gang will conduct beforehand, for example, to keep it realistic you wouldn't see a small street gang arm themselves up to rob a bank, they would instead hit up a small store since they would be more equipped to do so.
Once a gang has conducted a robbery there is a 2-hour cooldown until they are allowed to conduct another, this is to stop gangs from going around robbing the whole state.
Shootouts are to be roleplayed out correctly, none of this Hollywood movie shootouts where gangs sit there for 20 minutes shooting and chasing each other. Keep it realistic, when gangs fire on another gang it is normally a quick get in, get out operation. Exceptions to this are when you are defending your territory or when two large gangs are already together and start to shoot.
Smaller gangs should try and avoid shootouts. Keep it realistic, if you are a small street gang you wouldn't get involved with a big shootout, stick to brawls.
All vehicles used by a gang and its members must be within the gangs roleplay style, for example, you wouldn't see an MC riding round in Ferraris instead, motorcycles would be used with the occassional van or pickup.
Weapons that are used within a gang must conform to their roleplay style and have a roleplay reason for owning them, for example a small street gang wouldn't be using AR's but instead would be using bats and handguns, for a gang to acquire a heavier weapons than what ammunations sell they need to have an RP way of acquiring them. For example, tracking down a black market arms dealer or hitting a LASD weapons transfer to acquire AR's.
Drive-bys are NOT to be conducted by anybody.


Cooldown period
After leaving a government job you must wait for a minimum of 1 week before joining a gang. (Special cases can be reviewed by the admin team)

Gangs will be heavily monitored to ensure that roleplay is kept to the highest of standards.

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