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Referral System
Good afternoon Next Generation,
After some discussion with the Community Manager on ways that we are able to bring more people into the server, we have decided to launch a referral system. This is how the referral system will work; A player invites a friend to the server, they have to sign up to the forum and use your forum username as the referral, once this is done they will need to contact the Community Manager or myself through Discord with their forum name and the steam name they log into the server with. Then once they have played 5 hours of the server both the referrer and the new member will receive $100k in-game.

If you have any more ideas for the community please feel free to contact the Community Manager on Discord.

Ayrton Hadfield
Next Generation Roleplay

VIP's Level 2 or above will receive 1.5x the referral money.
VIP's Level 8 or above will receive 2.0x the referral money.

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