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We're The Malone Family
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    The Malone family "on guns we depend in Family we trust" 

The Malone Family is a criminal organisation which originated in Harlem. NY in Ike late 80s in which has took their pursuit of success to LA. Mainly a Family with close relation or not, but not to be Forgotten that everyone is Family. Every member is highly skilled From shooting to persuation, talk first shoot later is what we run by, but don't get it confused with leaniancy we have backbone. We run by a certain protocol, if you cross us in anyway shape or form we will be obligated to take action in the most necessary way. Many of us are ex cons spent many years in the can and that copies over to many of us that are not scared to repeal that if needed. Settlement and compliance is our First step we are not primerally violent but that doesn't mean it is not on the table the card can be played. 

Within the relation to violence and the ability to combine and cause chaos we have a side many don] we are very optimistic and open to decision we may run as bad people and that will follow in many cases but we do show respect where respect is deserved and leaniancy where leaniancy is deserved. 

Showing us respect will result in a valued Friendship which on your behalf is a positive

We are currently allies with the Disciples MC, being a part of us and being a part of them you'll have to realize who you are interacting with and how you go about doing your business. If you ever have to talk to us it usually isn't a good thing, you keep your distance, we'll keep ours. 
I'm your daddy

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