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  4. So in the title it says Non-ELS, but later in the description you said you need ELS. Can you elaborate please.
  5. One thing we noticed with this, is as you get further away. The LODs start kicking in disappearing, then the Front doors vanish and then the wheels. The rest of the truck remains visible.
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  7. Jarrod92180


    It’s public - was found on GTA V MODS
  8. here the BCA skin seeen above if its missing from the new files.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    this is a new model recently purchase from turbosqid, trailer that you haul and set up for business, add a picnic table, and signage to attract more business great for role play. Beta so theres always gonna be bugs †****** no files in this download, contact me or join the discord **** Our New Patreon Program is great come support our work or make a pledge you can cancel at any time. Early Access Beta Release Only our Patreon Members get access to our Early Access releases https://www.patreon.com/candimods vehicle components Extra_6 Extra_7 Extra_8 Extra_9 Extra_ten When installing this trailer as an add on, you must comment new trailer name example <trailers><item>fooodtrailer</item> support my work and get access to exclusive content and early release on https://www.patreon.com/candimods i only provide my models locked, Patron Members agrees to the rules, failure to abide by rules removal from Exclusive Content Program and PermaBan in the GTA/5M Community. on my server and any partner servers and affiliations. Do Not Share or post these files, only use them on your server local or hosted for your own communites use. you may use my models in fivem or SP, you are NOT allowed to rip, reupload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. you are not allowed to upload this file and claim it as your own on any site, server, local, drives, cloud drives, or otherwise. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. Do Not Link or share these files.


  10. Version 1.0.0


    support my work and get access to exclusive content and early release on https://www.patreon.com/candimods Vehicle devs texture devs contact me for collaboration 2018 Ford XLT F350 SuperDuty Ext Cab Custom Ambulance NON ELS modeled after the REV Group Green Diesel dont complain just use it, the carcols are not the best, but i didnt do them. NON els coversion and carcols by jwalker enjoy as this is ONLY A Next Gen RP Release!!! FDNY and LSFD textures included based on authentic nyc fdny ambulance, not 100% but close FDNY Peds Models with Textures ----https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/files/file/54-ems-paramedic-female-and-male-peds-lore-fdny-textures/ https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/fdny-emt-and-paramedic-uniform-texture for texture devs, the template is messy i know but it works, may need a tweek, but it works i somehow lost the better one and cant locate it. Seats 4 two in front and two in the back tested in fivem, with MVGA, and MrDagees ELS for fivem. You must use ELS for this MOD, and included vcf, if you dont use included vcf, disable extra_8 and extra_ten in the vcf so parts dont flash in emergency mode vehicle components Extra_8 - stretcher on ground Extra_ten - interior stretcher on/off Extra_11 - Extra_1- scene lights Features Ultra Freedom by Otaku quadflares by Otaku Whelen m4 by james whelen m2 converted by StraightGlitcheZ from lcpdfr Motorola on Board Computer Center Console - Antenna Patient Compartment Patient Compartment Lighting CPR Seat and Bench Seat Medical Jump Bags Cardiac Monitor Action Center with Cell Phone, Radio, and Computer Cardiac Monitor IV Bags Styker MX Pro Stretcher with PowerLoad System!! Base vehicle from medic4523 converted to GTAV by lamping/sobo/dbanker Ultrafreedom by otaku redone polys and new step, a.c. box, passthrough, walls and interior lighting, new template and uvmapping by candimods screenshots and videos don't reflect updates and pack changes Install in Fivem :: you should know how to this, contact ur server owner about adding cars most all my Mods will work in SP LSPDFR or Rescue Mod, they can be installed as add on or replace. (replace) install in latest patchday or mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf install as an add on use this MOD https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/more-police-cars-to-add-v1-2 Terms of use you are permitted to use this mode in SP and Fivem Only, you are NOT allowed to rip, reupload, redistribute, or repackage this modification. Please link to this download. you are NOT allowed to UNLOCK this file. Texture Devs may link to this download only.


  11. I grew up in the Brantford area. Was a little surprised to see them listed.
  12. Barren791


    Very nice station, has became the county hub. So far, every truck we have but the tiller can park in it. Only thing I noticed and it might just be me but the back door (hash -973122415) has no stairs and when you run through it. You fall and have to run back to the front to get back in. I went to lock the door but that has is not in the master hash list pastebin site I use. https://pastebin.com/5riRd4g4 Can you give me the prop name of the door. Also the room to the cots, the door doesn't open but a kick usually fixes it.
    Excellent work on the skin. Might be easier to download if it was one zip file with folders and not all the files individually.
    Works well, should bring some RP to Paleto / Sandy area.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Back at it again with another vehicle to add to the fleet. Bought this as a long time project over a year ago and decided that it was time to make something good out of it. Be sure to join my discord for more development on other projects. https://discord.gg/UFgsc4D Credits: Hum3d for creating the original base for the vehicle. J.Walker for doing the initial purchase and conversion of the vehicle to GTA V. Hum3d for making the bed. Rockstar for making the fire hydrant. Lamping1990 for making the drop tank as well as applying textures. Flwpheonix for making the lightbar as well as the rotator carcols for the lightbar. Dbanker96 for converting the interior to gta v. J.Walker for making the non els lighting and editing the strobe section of the carcols. J.Walker for making the template. Dvhbadger for making one of the skins. Noolster for making one of the skins. You can join his discord here. https://discord.gg/rGfkgWj


  14. I can't get the lights to work at all. Every time I spawn it in, All I get is weird coronas flashing.
    Very awesome, one of the few tillers that is non-els I have seen and the only one that has a working ladder for FiveM. Not recommended you spawn this inside the station, it can spawn with the ladder up. Like Sinajooni stated, I understand the wheels turning for realism but it tips easy and it feels like the wheels are fighting against you at times.
    Love this vehicle, I got rid of my other chief vehicles I had.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    dodge runner 20q Exclusive release only to Patreon Members $15.00 min donation https://www.patreon.com/candimods .. no downloads on this page my discord https://discord.gg/jcT6TNs Jwalkers Server > https://discord.gg/tyqRvU5 vehicle components extra_1 - suspicious package extra_2 - prop in claws prop pippe boomb to come: more prop, travel bags and suitcase credits: Badger Candice


  16. Destiny

    High End Life

    © Sunny State Roleplay

  17. Version 1.0.0

    This is a custom map I was working on but I never 100% finished. I would say it is about 84% finished. We took real life terrain and added some islands around to make this map. NOTE Please read the terms and services on our discord before making a purchase on this item. For all support, please go to our discord. https://discord.gg/s3kzWkq


    Amazing vehicle but it broke the non els lighting on 4 to 5 of my other police vehicles on my fivem server.
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