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  • 2020 Dodge ram 3500 light rescue/Brush unit [Non els][Fivem ready] By JWalker

    After Some time of converting and playing around I've decided to release a brush truck version of this model for public use to add something more unique to the community. Whoever downloads has permission to change them to whatever replacement/addon name they want to for their own use but most of all please enjoy!   Join my discord for future development and downloads. https://discord.gg/JB6PdMG Please join the Nextgen website discord to share your work and hang out. https://discor
  • [NON-ELS] 2018 Dodge Charger [Slicktop/Undercover] [FiveM] By TheKodah

    Hello Everyone!   Join my discord if you want updates or you need help! https://discord.gg/bNUJsk5   This vehicle is intended to be an Undercover unit / Gang Unit / Slicktop vehicle. This is a NON-ELS vehicle with the ability to have ELS like lighting features. In this file, I have added a FiveM script called "Extraswitch" which can allow you to control the lighting Via the Numpad. Huge shoutout to Hallux for creating this script for me. If you would like to EASILY cycle li
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