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    1980 Mack CF Engine

    After a year or so of work Me and @JWalker finished this truck. We know there are some issues like poly gaps and stuff interior if you have any other issues than that report them on Walkers discord. https://discord.gg/3wvCEM5 

    Thanks, Squad 65 Modding, J.Walker

    Don't Rip this model as I will be releasing a dev version soon.

    Original Model: RDSaarland 
    Conversion to FarmSim Woodmeadow Farms
    Conversion and lights to GTA 5 J.Walker

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    [4k] 1979 American Lafrance Pumper [Non Els] [Fivem Ready]

    As requested by a few members i've decided to make this model public with all the work done to it. I'm sure you will all be pleased to use a piece of american history. There is also an option to toggle off the lightbar through your extra menu.
    Join my server for updated content and future development! https://discord.gg/3wvCEM5
    DvHBadger for providing the OBJ file for the truck.
    J.Walker for converting and mapping the truck for gta v.
    J.Walker for making the 4k template.
    Squad 65 for prividing the lightbar.
    Ayrton Hadfield for making the lore friendly skin.
    Solo for making the mars light beacons.
    J.Walker for doing the carcols editing.


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    [4k] 2018 Ford F450 Ambulance [Non els] [Fivem ready]

    I'm pleased to announce the release of the 2018 superduty that me and a few others have worked on in forms of modeling/ideas and figured it's time to give something to the community that's different. I want to thank each and all of you that have made me push realism to the limits.
    Extra 1 and Extra 2 control the scene lighting which can be toggled through the extra menu when the emergency lights are active.
    Join my discord for more future releases and developement! https://discord.gg/HMkD86n
    There might be more to come for this model as far as adding more goodies.
    Lamping1990 for providing the OBJ file and doing a partial conversion.
    Lamping 1990 for providing the ambulance box along with the interior props and lighting modules.
    J.Walker for making the 4k template.
    BeastKing0 for making the wonderful skin. Other variants will be uploaded seperatly.
    J.Walker for finishing the conversion of the truck and mounting the equipment.
    J.Walker for making the non els lighting as well as the carcols editing.
    Rockstar for making several textures as well as the front license plates.


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