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[4k] Seagrave Marauder 2 mini pack [Non els] [Fivem Ready] 1.0.0

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After months of getting issues fixed up and getting things all in working order i'm glad to bring to the community not just the two trucks having their kinks worked out but the heavy rescue that has also been in development for some time. Things get better from there, this is also a walk in rescue with a walk in interior for extra roleplay purposes.

Join my discord for future development and other things.  https://discord.gg/3wvCEM5


Wolfepack for supplying the vehicle models.
Lamping1990 for making the engine bed.
Lamping 1990 for making the VIsion SLRs.
Mini justice bars made by HDGamerzpc
J.Walker for converting the vehicle cabs and ladder bed.
EWHIZ for making the Federal signal Aerodynic.

Lamping1990 for making the federal signal navigator and rescue bed.

Various rescue bed parts from Robert66.
Skins for the midmount made by Squad 65 and Guardianwolf25 and Captain Scotty.
4k templates done by J.Walker.
Non els lighting done by J.Walker.

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On 6/29/2019 at 7:45 PM, Fiction511 said:

Love it. However, Why is the camera angle so far out? is there a way to change that?

Because in order to walk on the ladder the camera view has to be that far out in order for the collisions to work (I believe).

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heavy rescue is okay

engine is a similar engine to that of the internet and there are no extras roller shutters

ladder has many bugs - holes in the ladder, when we walk on a ladder, we look like we were flying

every vehicle's mistake: The texture in the middle of the vehicle is ...

New vehicle proposal: HazMat

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On 7/21/2019 at 9:42 PM, Harry said:

how do you change the ladder positioning in single player??

You would have to use a menu that allows you to toggle extras

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