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    Just fresh out of the mission row armament is the new MRAP for los santos and surrounding communities. After lots of work prepping and converting the beast it's ready to hit the streets for everyone to enjoy. This model also has something a little different in mind for SWAT which includes a riot suppression water cannon on the roof, there's also a climb in rear which you can physically climb into as well. This model includes templates for both the body and the wheels to match its color. Join my discord for more future releases and development. https://discord.gg/Zn82w9K Credits: Model created from turbosquid and purchased by J.Walker. Multiple weapon props compiled for prop use by Thero. Roughbook made by JohnBD. Weapon mounts made by Black Jesus. Laptop prop made by Twurtleee. Riot shields and siren box acquired and textured from DvHBadger. Non els lighting done by J.Walker. Skin made by J.Walker.


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