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  1. Welcome @The_Mookster, I will try and find someone who can help you out with single-player installation
  2. Community Spotlight - 6th Edition Christmas Edition Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Community Spotlight! For people new to the spotlight here is a rundown of what it contains; The Community Spotlight contains download files, images, and topics that have been submitted to the website by the community that has caught the eye of the staff team, it also contains information and sometimes competitions. I know it has been a while since the last spotlight was released but the end of year review is being released in the near future to address this and also to share the future of Next Generation Roleplay going into the next year, 2020. Downloads: So to start this edition off we have a couple of downloads that have been submitted that have caught our eye. Firstly we have a couple of files created by @candimods based off of New York City, an FDNY F-350 Ambulance. This download contains both an ELS and NON-ELS version which makes it perfect for both FiveM and singleplayer. I personally use this model on my FiveM RP server and my Fire Chief loves it. Secondly another NON-ELS vehicle in the form of an NYPD 2016 Ford Explorer complete with message board. This vehicle just keeps us wanting more NYPD, especially more NON-ELS NYPD. Next comes a file from @JWalker who is a familiar name within community spotlights, this time it is with his new MRAP with a fully functioning water cannon for dealing with those pesky protestors disrupting the city of Los Santos. This vehicle is fully armored and would be a great addition to any SWAT unit. Gallery: So for gallery pictures, there is a lot to showcase so I will post the links to the photos and the credits of who posted them. Enjoy! Credit: @lonlyblobb11129 Credit: @lonlyblobb11129 Credit: @Squad_65 Credit: @Squad_65 Credit: @Ayrton Hadfield Credit: @Jarrod92180 On the final note, Next Generation Roleplay is now a Humble Bundle Partner, this means you are able to support the website whilst getting games you like at cheap prices, click the Humble Bundle on the homepage to be taken to Humble Bundle to Explore. Alternatively, you can click the icon below. I hope you all have had a great holiday period and are enjoying spending time with your families and eating lots of food, Remember be safe and tune in to the next edition of the community spotlight, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  3. Dear lonlyblobb11129, Your Verified role application has been accepted. Congratulations! Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  4. To set a price for your content you have to have the verified content creator role which is a role that you have to apply for.
  5. Ayrton Hadfield

    FPIS With Rescue 5

    You're welcome, i'll get it done within the next couple of days for you.
  6. Ayrton Hadfield

    FPIS With Rescue 5

    I will release a guide on the correct load order of vehicle meta files for you to keep referring to.
  7. Ayrton Hadfield

    FPIS With Rescue 5

    The Rescue 5 came from the coastal callouts pack.
  8. Ayrton Hadfield

    Watchful Eye.png

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  9. Ayrton Hadfield

    FPIS With Rescue 5

    you just need to make sure you load the .meta files in the correct order in the resource.lua
  10. Dear Candice, Your application for Content Creator and Youtuber has been accepted. Your Twitch Streamer application has been denied due to you not leaving a link to your channel. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  11. Nice pictures, I'll have to get some of the vehicles round me soon.
  12. Ayrton Hadfield

    The Sheriff Himself

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  13. Ayrton Hadfield

    FPIS With Rescue 5

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