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  1. So late last month I attended the Silverstone Classic Car event, which is an event held yearly normally the weekend after the formula one has passed and you can pretty much find any car you want to see there. So I thought that i would share some of the photos I took during the weekend with you guys so you can enjoy and drool over the same things that I did. Enjoy!
  2. So lets use this thread as a place to showcase their photos or videos of fire apparatus that they have taken. I know you guys will have some amazing and rare ones!
  3. Ayrton Hadfield

    USCG Swift 2

    love it, looks so nice
  4. Oh damn that bearcat, do fire departments ever use something like that?
  5. Should have made it squad 65
  6. PC parts like SSD's are really doable along with the idea of steam keys. It doesn't have to be physical so the idea of maybe linking up with a couple creators and maybe getting a few vehicles done that won't be released would be another great idea. I'd just have to find a couple creators that would be willing to do it, of course I'd pay them.
  7. 1000 Member Giveaway Requirements! So as I am sure most of you are now aware that I plan to have a giveaway when the site reaches 1000 members, which seems to be getting closer and closer and a growing pace. I have already got a suggestion post out where you can reply to the topic to suggest things for the giveaway instead of me choosing things that you possibly may not want. You can find that thread here: https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/topic/1422-1000-member-giveaway/&tab=comments#comment-1516 One thing I did want the giveaway to be apart from of course a little celebration of the site reaching 1000 members (still seems unreal that we are even speaking about that) is a thank you to the people who have made this happen and I believe the fairest way to do that is to have a couple of requirements on how you will be eligible for the giveaway. So here is the list: Of course, be registered on the site and have your account validated (accounts still awaiting activation will not be entered). Have at least 15 posts on the site (This only includes posts on the forums or uploaded images in the gallery). Reside in a country where giveaways are legal. Regarding the last point on the list above, as far as I know, there are only 13 countries where I would not be able to allow people to enter from due to legal reasons regarding gambling laws and 1 country where it is self-explanatory. If anybody can advise me on how to include these countries in the giveaway it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of prohibited countries for the giveaway: Taiwan South Korea Portugal Italy Austria China Russia Hong Kong Greece France Japan Spain Czech Republic North Korea (Obvious Reasons.) Now all of that is out the way I would like to wish everyone good luck with the giveaway! An announcement will be put out at 1000 members to notify people that the giveaway will be starting in 24 hours time. Ayrton Founder
  8. Dear TheKodah, I am pleased to inform you that after reading your application I am approving you for the Content Creator and Streamer roles. If you have any questions please feel free to private message me either here or on Discord. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  9. I mean it would be the dream to be able to give away things like that but pockets and my wage packet aren't that big. I'm open to realistic ideas though @SpicyPenguinDick
  10. Ayrton Hadfield


    Hey, is that trailer public or is it private? PM me on here if you want.
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