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  1. Could you please expand on what you would change to Next Generation Roleplay please, constructive criticism is something that users of the site would do and not something so much that can be changed on the site. While I do agree with you that constructive criticism is the best way of giving feedback it doesn't answer the question laid out in the application. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  2. Dear Squad 65, Thank you for your application. It is currently being reviewed. Please check back soon for an update to your application. Regards, Ayrton
  3. Dear Jacob L, Your application has been accepted. Thank you for applying you have been given the mod creator and content creator roles. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  4. Welcome to Nextgenerationroleplay.com! The ambulance looks amazing.
  5. Thank you, I'm tempted to do a update thread showing all the things I do to it
  6. Here are a couple of my patches that I got from the Royal Internation Air Tattoo 2016
  7. Dear Captain Waterloo, Your application to join the Next Generation Roleplay Staff Team has been accepted. Once you have your roles please refer to the staff section in Discord for any important information. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  8. Live Changes: Certain ranks now have effects that also add effects to your name, these are Founder (adds a sparkle to the name), Administrator (adds red fire to the name), Moderator (adds oranges fire to the name), Donator (adds a sparkle to the name), Streamer (adds a purple sparkle to the name), Youtuber (adds red sparkle to the name). CONTENT CREATORS, PLEASE READ: Withdrawals have now been fixed and are processed as they should be. I have been working with @HCG Studios to get the system to where it works as it should. The only time the money has been held is when the person that has purchased the item has been an eBay non-performer and PayPal has held the money for around 2 weeks before releasing the funds. This is out of my hands, unfortunately. Thank you for reading, Ayrton
  9. Dear Gremm Kay, Please create a post with the correct application format. Thank you, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  10. Dear Captain Waterloo, Thank you for your application. It is currently being reviewed. Please check back soon for an update to your application. Regards, Ayrton
  11. Where is the brush from?
  12. Use this topic to share pictures you have of IRL police vehicles.
  13. Thats pretty cool, you should show us your home department if you get chance to
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