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  1. Ayrton Hadfield

    SWAT E450

    Whos model is this?
  2. Dear lonlyblobb11129, Your Verified role application has been accepted. Congratulations! Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  3. Dear Candice, Your application for Content Creator and Youtuber has been accepted. Your Twitch Streamer application has been denied due to you not leaving a link to your channel. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  4. Dear Jacob L, Your application has been accepted. Thank you for applying you have been given the mod creator and content creator roles. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  5. Dear Captain Waterloo, Your application to join the Next Generation Roleplay Staff Team has been accepted. Once you have your roles please refer to the staff section in Discord for any important information. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  6. Dear Gremm Kay, Please create a post with the correct application format. Thank you, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  7. Dear Captain Waterloo, Thank you for your application. It is currently being reviewed. Please check back soon for an update to your application. Regards, Ayrton
  8. Dear TheKodah, I am pleased to inform you that after reading your application I am approving you for the Content Creator and Streamer roles. If you have any questions please feel free to private message me either here or on Discord. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  9. Dear Frederick, After using your sound pack and working with you to create the Official Sunny State Roleplay sound pack I will verify you as a Mod Creator, I hope to see you release many different sound packs on the site. Regards, Ayrton
  10. More to come....... Join here: https://discord.me/sunnystateroleplay
  11. Dear Fred Eshleman, After taking the time to read your staff application I would like to invite you to contact me on Discord to arrange a conversation so we can discuss what you can bring to Next Generation Roleplay. This conversation is not an interview but will be a deciding factor for your application. Thank you, Ayrton Founder
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