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    USCG Swift 2

    love it, looks so nice
  2. Oh damn that bearcat, do fire departments ever use something like that?
  3. Should have made it squad 65
  4. PC parts like SSD's are really doable along with the idea of steam keys. It doesn't have to be physical so the idea of maybe linking up with a couple creators and maybe getting a few vehicles done that won't be released would be another great idea. I'd just have to find a couple creators that would be willing to do it, of course I'd pay them.
  5. 1000 Member Giveaway Requirements! So as I am sure most of you are now aware that I plan to have a giveaway when the site reaches 1000 members, which seems to be getting closer and closer and a growing pace. I have already got a suggestion post out where you can reply to the topic to suggest things for the giveaway instead of me choosing things that you possibly may not want. You can find that thread here: https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/topic/1422-1000-member-giveaway/&tab=comments#comment-1516 One thing I did want the giveaway to be apart from of course a little celebration of the site reaching 1000 members (still seems unreal that we are even speaking about that) is a thank you to the people who have made this happen and I believe the fairest way to do that is to have a couple of requirements on how you will be eligible for the giveaway. So here is the list: Of course, be registered on the site and have your account validated (accounts still awaiting activation will not be entered). Have at least 15 posts on the site (This only includes posts on the forums or uploaded images in the gallery). Reside in a country where giveaways are legal. Regarding the last point on the list above, as far as I know, there are only 13 countries where I would not be able to allow people to enter from due to legal reasons regarding gambling laws and 1 country where it is self-explanatory. If anybody can advise me on how to include these countries in the giveaway it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of prohibited countries for the giveaway: Taiwan South Korea Portugal Italy Austria China Russia Hong Kong Greece France Japan Spain Czech Republic North Korea (Obvious Reasons.) Now all of that is out the way I would like to wish everyone good luck with the giveaway! An announcement will be put out at 1000 members to notify people that the giveaway will be starting in 24 hours time. Ayrton Founder
  6. Dear TheKodah, I am pleased to inform you that after reading your application I am approving you for the Content Creator and Streamer roles. If you have any questions please feel free to private message me either here or on Discord. Regards, Ayrton Founder
  7. I mean it would be the dream to be able to give away things like that but pockets and my wage packet aren't that big. I'm open to realistic ideas though @SpicyPenguinDick
  8. Ayrton Hadfield


    Hey, is that trailer public or is it private? PM me on here if you want.
  9. I could see myself doing something like a 1660 Ti, not 1070 since they are about £340 which is a little out of my reach to fund for the giveaway but you never know what bigger numbers and giveaways might bring.
  10. Dear Frederick, After using your sound pack and working with you to create the Official Sunny State Roleplay sound pack I will verify you as a Mod Creator, I hope to see you release many different sound packs on the site. Regards, Ayrton
  11. More to come....... Join here: https://discord.me/sunnystateroleplay
  12. Community Spotlight - Week 4 Apologies about this issue being delayed, I was away on a small vacation without a computer to write the spotlight, you will be able to see some pictures and videos from my trip in an upcoming post. Downloads: This weeks download section is greeting you with two downloads due to the delay. First of all, we have @TheKodah with their Dodge Charger which is unmarked and features a unique lighting setup which looks and functions amazingly and I hope that we see more vehicle models from @TheKodah in the future. The link to the Dodge Charger can be found below. The second download file that you see this week is once again made by @JWalker who brings a Dodge Ram 3500 Brush/Light Rescue to us. Again it goes without saying it is brilliant work once again and has a great light setup and openable shutters. Again you are able to find the download below. Posts: For this week I am promoting my own post but an important one at that. Go check out the giveaway suggestion post and post your ideas since we are creeping towards the 1000 member mark. The post can be found below, Gallery: The gallery section also gives two picks this week, starting off with an image from @Jarrod92180 of a car transporter trailer pulling in what looks to be a car dealership, the livery on the trailer is done really well along with the time of day with the light hitting the trailer and highlighting the text on the side. The picture is posted below. The second image was posted by again a familiar face, @Squad_65, and is of an ambulance roaming around in horrible raining conditions which makes it different as you don't normally see images in this condition. but as always a great image. You can find the image below as always. That is all for this issue of the community spotlight, as always each person featured will receive 10 reputation points (apart from me). Also on a final note, I would like to see the forum section to become more active, maybe if you're a developer you could make a showcase, showing off your WIP or show off your vehicle in the Show us your pride and joy section you can find here:https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/topic/1404-show-us-your-pride-and-joy/ or start your own conversations. That's all from me this week, Ayrton
  13. Dear Fred Eshleman, After taking the time to read your staff application I would like to invite you to contact me on Discord to arrange a conversation so we can discuss what you can bring to Next Generation Roleplay. This conversation is not an interview but will be a deciding factor for your application. Thank you, Ayrton Founder
  14. You would have to use a menu that allows you to toggle extras
  15. 1000 Member Giveaway! Since at the time of writing this suggestion thread the site is at 499 Members which is insane to think about, I want to plan into the future by a few months and give something back to the community. So this being said please post a reply on this thread to what you would like to see the giveaway be for. I will be reading all the suggestions and replying actively. Keep an eye out for an announcement on what you have to do to be eligible for the giveaway (don't worry it will all be easy). Thank you again for 500 Members (Almost!), Ayrton
  16. Live Changes: Secondary groups are now displayed under the primary group and post rank image. CONTENT CREATORS, PLEASE READ: After a test was done today alongside IGS Apex the file selling system has been tested. The findings are as followed and come with the changes listed: When somebody purchases a file from you the money gets sent into the site PayPal that is linked with donations to the site along with advertisement purchasing. With this PayPal takes 30 Cents and then 2.9% of the transaction as fees. The money is credited into your account on the forums which you can access you hovering over the store button then selecting Account Credit and it will show you how much credit you have and you will be able to withdraw the money to your Paypal from there. This will then take the money from the Next Generation account and put it into your Paypal. Because of this, I have decided to introduce a 3% site commission to cover some of the Paypal charges which will cover most of it but not all. I hope you all understand, it isn't something I wanted to do but currently, I am not in a financial position to cover the charges but if this changes in the future then I will remove the site commission and cover the charges myself. Thank you, Ayrton
  17. What game is this?
  18. Community Spotlight - Week 3 Week 3 is here! (Had a slight technical difficulty with timed post releases) I won't delay this week so let's jump right into it. Downloads: This weeks download content comes from a new content creator on the website, @Captain Waterloo with his 1985 Impala. Another classic vehicle which seems to be a trend with releases recently, the Impala comes equipped with a nice rotator lightbar and it will fit into any classic fleet or as a spare for county use. A link to the 1985 Impala can be found below. Posts: For this week there will be no posts within the spotlight due to there not being any new posts. Encourage your friends and other members to become active in the forum. Gallery: For another week returning to this section of the spotlight is @Squad_65 with an image of an LAFD Ambulance responding through Rockford Hills lit up like a Christmas tree. Again the lighting of the photo has been taken at the perfect time of day so the lights pop and stand out but the background is still easily visible. Staff Pick: Staff Pick is back again this week and this time it is @Destiny who chose their favourite content from the site. @Destiny Chose the Wisconsin DOT skin made by @GalaxyXX due to liking its high quality of the texture and simple look of the design. The link to the texture can be found below. That's all for this weeks community spotlight, I would like to thank again everybody that has been posting on the site. Giving a special mention @JWalker for having one of his downloads be the first to hit over 100 downloads. We are now over 450 members on the site so let's see if we can get the forum section active and meet new people and discover new things. See you in a couple of weeks in the next community spotlight, Ayrton
  19. Dear Zak Davies, I would like to inform you that your content creator application has been accepted on the knowledge of your work. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield
  20. Let me know how it is @Destiny, I'm still looking and considering things
  21. Ayrton Hadfield

    E450 LAFD

    I really like that, so nice
  22. Staff Applications - Open! Since Next Generation Roleplay has been growing in size with more content being added I have decided it best to open staff applications to hire a couple of new moderators to join the staff team. The job of these moderators will be to moderate content on the forums, in the downloads section, and on the Discord to ensure that the content keeps appropriate and within the rules that we uphold (shortly to be posted on the site but can currently be found in Discord). If you feel that you want to join the staff team please see the requirements thread and template thread here: https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/forum/33-staff-applications/ and then post your application within the topic. Please note that if you do not meet all the requirements you can still apply as some exceptions can be made. Allow 24 hours for the first reply on your application.
    Great selection of high quality icons. It's nice to see icons for places that aren't just the usual big places.
  23. Live Changes: Gmod Forum Section added and all Gmod posts moved to the correct topics. Mission Chief Section added to to the forum and downloads section. Rust Forum section removed due to no content. Upcoming Changes: If no content is posted the Arma and Farming Simulator sections will be removed to make space for over game sections. (Use Suggestions Section to suggest new sections)
  24. I like them, probably the all blue setup the most though.
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