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  1. Dear GalaxyXX, Your staff application has been placed on pending while it is discussed with the rest of the staff team. Please await a response soon.
  2. maybe post a couple pictures so people can see the model?
  3. Hi Tmjsh86, Your application for verified streamer has been approved, you will now be able to post in the related channels on the Discord and in the categories on the forums.
  4. Next Generation Roleplay Staff Application Title: [Name] Staff Application Name: Age: Timezone: Length at Next Generation Roleplay: What Contributions can you make to the community as a staff member? Why do you believe you should join the staff team? What is one change that you believe that would make Next Generation better? Anything else you would like to add to your application?
  5. Looking at doing more within the community? Feel like you could support the forums and help moderate them? If so a staff role might be for you! To become a staff member you must meet the following requirements: Have been active on the forums and/or Discord for longer than 3 weeks. Have more than 40 valid posts. (Exception to this requirement can be made.) Have a positive reputation within the community. Be resourceful and able to use initiative. Value content and mod creators. Able to give constructive criticism. Be willing to make a positive difference. If you meet these criteria and believe you have what it takes to join the Next Generation Roleplay Staff Team then submit an application! Exceptions are made in some cases if some criteria are not met.
  6. Dear Fredesh, Thank you for posting your application. Your Application has been approved and you will now be able to post in the stream announcement channel on the discord and post within the Verified Channels category on the forms. I do encourage you to make a welcome post introducing yourself. Regards, Ayrton Hadfield
  7. Copy the application below and paste it as a new thread and fill out the questions. Title: [NAME] - Verified Application Tag: application (make this the item prefix) Name: Verified Role being applied for: Youtuber/Streamer/Content Creator/Mod Creator (Delete as needed) Age: Link to Channel/Content showcase: (Content Showcase Must be on nextgenerationroleplay.com and is optional) Followers/Subscribers: (For Youtubers/Streamers ONLY) How long have you been creating content/mods? Why do you want to become verified on Next Generation Roleplay? Have you read the verified role requirements? Do you meet the minimum requirements? Applications will be responded to within 24 hours. You can still apply if you do not meet the minimum requirements. If you have any questions message me in a private message on the forums or the Discord.
  8. This is just a post for me to showcase textures that I have made, either for myself or other people. Starting off with Portage Fire Dept Engine 3 made for GalaxyXX.
  9. I believe they get them from https://www.turbosquid.com/ and get somebody to convert them for them don't quote me on that though
  10. If you look on lcpdfr.com there are non-els parts and vehicles on there in the downloads section.
  11. * Format: <color value="0xAARRGGBB"/> - Examples: # Red <color value="0xFFFF0000"/> # Blue <color value="0xFF0000FF"/> # Orange <color value="0xFFFF5000"/> # Yellow <color value="0xFFFFFF00"/> # Amber <color value="0xFFFFD700"/> # Green <color value="0xFF00FF00"/> # Purple <color value="0xFFFF00FF"/> # White <color value="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
  12. I'll go check him out, do you mind sending me his Discord in Pm?
  13. oh damn I will have to look at his vehicles he isn't a creator I am familiar with
  14. Becoming a verified creator whether it be a Youtuber or a Mod Creator shows that you have worked hard for what you have achieved and created. We value dedicated content creators and because of this there are certain requirements in order to apply for one of these roles which are set out below: Verified Youtuber: To become a verified Youtuber you must have the following requirements: Subscribers count: 5000+ Uploads: Regularly, ideally twice a week or more. Content: Gaming/Tech related. Verified Streamer: To become a verified Streamer you must have the following requirements: Follower Count: 1000+ Stream Frequency: Regularly, ideally twice a week or more. Content: Gaming/Tech related. Content Creator: To become a verified Content Creator you must have the following requirements: If you are a Model creator or a Texture creator it helps to have a showcase of your work under the appropriate game section. Have high-quality work. Have positive feedback on your work within the community. Have your files and/or your services available to the community. In the download section or showcase post for services. Mod Creator To become a verified Mod Creator you must have the following requirements: You must have your mods/scripts in the downloads section of the website. Have positive feedback on your work within the community. All requirements are subject to change without notice. If requirements change and you no longer fall in the requirements you will not lose your verified status. Some exceptions may be made on applications.
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