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  1. FDNY Style Lore-Friendly Los Santos Fire Dept. Livery.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the first part of my FDNY style Los Santos Fire Department livery series for J.Walkers Fire Vehicles. Enjoy and please leave feedback and a review. Credits: J.Walker for the F450 Ambulance. You can find J.Walkers F450 Ambulance HERE. Myself for the texture. Updates to this livery may be uploaded in the future as this is still a work in progress. All feedback is taken into account and is appreciated.


  3. Live Changes: SSL is now fully validated on the site so all information is fully protected and the website will now default to https. All the main Categories now have an icon. The gaming specific categories have been merged into a category so the main forum page isn't as long. Members can now have more private message conversations at a time. Added Next Generation Roleplay Logo to all official posts. Added optional browser notifications to alert users when people post on their threads or reply to them. Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  4. Community Spotlight Announcement So what will the community spotlight be? The community spotlight will start out as a bi-weekly post where myself and the staff team will pick out some of our favorite content on the site that we have discovered over the two weeks to share with the community and give back to the content creators. Think of it as a bi-weekly newsletter filled with a bunch of content you won't want to miss out on. It will be structured into categories so you will be able to find the parts that you are interested in the most whether it is our favorite GTA vehicle model or an artwork showcase that will dazzle you. Stay tuned for our first community spotlight within the following week. If you have any suggestions for our community spotlight please create a thread within the suggestions category and we will be sure to read them. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Ayrton
  5. They are nice and clean, I like them. You got the red on the trucks just right as well, not too dark or light.
  6. Live Changes: Email Account Validation is now active on the website for quicker activation of accounts. Tweaked Download and Upload Settings so uploading and downloading should be less painful. Added the ability for Verified Content Creators to sell their files (models/skins/maps etc.) on the site. (No commission is taken and creators get 100% of the money paid by the user). Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  7. Ayrton Hadfield

    BCFD's New Light Rescue

    oh that's nice, send me a private message of where you got that from pretty please
  8. Ayrton Hadfield

    Medic 4 Responding Code 3

    Nice ambo, where is it from?
    A great addition to any EMS fleet, very well modeled, the light setup is fantastic and the template is easy to use. Again another great vehicle from you Walker can't wait to see the next one.
  9. Dear GalaxyXX, Apologies for the long wait on a response, I have been away for the last week. That being said it has been decided that your application is successful and you are being offered a position within the moderator team. Please respond to this post if you accept this position. Regards, Ayrton
  10. Dear GalaxyXX, Your staff application has been placed on pending while it is discussed with the rest of the staff team. Please await a response soon.
  11. maybe post a couple pictures so people can see the model?
  12. I actually like it, the only thing that I don't like is the price of it.
  13. OHHHH damn, we can watch you live straight from the forum, didn't even know you could do that!
  14. Hi Tmjsh86, Your application for verified streamer has been approved, you will now be able to post in the related channels on the Discord and in the categories on the forums.
  15. Live Changes: Added more fields on the profile page. Added Rank Graphics. Added Post Graphics. Added Staff Application Requirements. Added Staff Application Template. Work In Progress: New Site Logo. Discord Integration. Site Rules. I apologise for the gap between updates to the site, I got caught up in a couple of things but the project is back on the front seat.
  16. Next Generation Roleplay Staff Application Title: [Name] Staff Application Name: Age: Timezone: Length at Next Generation Roleplay: What Contributions can you make to the community as a staff member? Why do you believe you should join the staff team? What is one change that you believe that would make Next Generation better? Anything else you would like to add to your application?
  17. Looking at doing more within the community? Feel like you could support the forums and help moderate them? If so a staff role might be for you! To become a staff member you must meet the following requirements: Have been active on the forums and/or Discord for longer than 3 weeks. Have more than 40 valid posts. (Exception to this requirement can be made.) Have a positive reputation within the community. Be resourceful and able to use initiative. Value content and mod creators. Able to give constructive criticism. Be willing to make a positive difference. If you meet these criteria and believe you have what it takes to join the Next Generation Roleplay Staff Team then submit an application! Exceptions are made in some cases if some criteria are not met.
  18. It's not much of an upgrade to what I have now tbh
  19. Just starting to look around and seeing if people have suggestions.
  20. I am starting to think about getting a new GPU and I am looking for suggestions on what to get. I am currently running an MSI R9 390. I will be doing VR and looking to play upcoming games at 1920x1080 at high-ultra settings. Any suggestions are helpful.
  21. guessing you're both on android atm, what phones are you running?
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