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  1. One thing we noticed with this, is as you get further away. The LODs start kicking in disappearing, then the Front doors vanish and then the wheels. The rest of the truck remains visible.
  2. I grew up in the Brantford area. Was a little surprised to see them listed.
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    Very nice station, has became the county hub. So far, every truck we have but the tiller can park in it. Only thing I noticed and it might just be me but the back door (hash -973122415) has no stairs and when you run through it. You fall and have to run back to the front to get back in. I went to lock the door but that has is not in the master hash list pastebin site I use. https://pastebin.com/5riRd4g4 Can you give me the prop name of the door. Also the room to the cots, the door doesn't open but a kick usually fixes it.
    Excellent work on the skin. Might be easier to download if it was one zip file with folders and not all the files individually.
    Works well, should bring some RP to Paleto / Sandy area.
    Very awesome, one of the few tillers that is non-els I have seen and the only one that has a working ladder for FiveM. Not recommended you spawn this inside the station, it can spawn with the ladder up. Like Sinajooni stated, I understand the wheels turning for realism but it tips easy and it feels like the wheels are fighting against you at times.
    Love this vehicle, I got rid of my other chief vehicles I had.
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