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  1. Sandy Fire Station 9(Ymap)

    This is station 9 this is my favorite ymap I have done, and it is a great fire station for sandy it has working doors such as the engine bay doors. It can hold XBR size fire trucks. The grass will come through the floor if you have grass on high if you don't want to see it put grass on low. But I hope you all enjoy this Ymap as it is my favorite Ymap I have done. PS somethings might be changed a bit from the pics because I have worked on it a bit but nothing big. I think I might be station 4 but IDK I have 3 of them and kind of lost track but who reads this far into the about this file anyway. Last words no I will not put a back on it, you are meant to pull up from the back not back up into the engine bay. and personally, for anyone who is making a firehouse ymap DONT put a helicopter pad on the top of the firehouse it drives me crazy and it's not realistic come on it's FiveM, not a lego set. ya, that's it Idk why you are still reading.


  2. Police station

    This Police station is just on the outside of Los Santos near the harbor every door and gate works. The only thing that is wrong with it is that once in a while a barrel will spawn inside the waiting room. But other than that it should work fine.


  3. Fire Watchtower (Ymap)

    This is a fire Watchtower ymap it has a view of the forest, and its use is to look for any spot fires that might start and which case they will usually report any started fires or signs of smoke. you also need the resource listed to run it as thoughts that have used ymaps before know.


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