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  1. Destiny

    Plane Crash at Church

    How did you get that smoke stuff going?
  2. Destiny

    DPPD and SASP Responding

    Oooh i like that vic, nice model!
  3. Destiny

    Engine 8 and a Reserve Engine

    RIP Firefighter
  4. Destiny


    © Sunny State Roleplay

  5. Destiny


    Nex to the prison
  6. Destiny


    There are multiple guides on the fivem forum on how to install a resource
  7. Sunny State Roleplay V 0.0.2
  8. Sunny State Roleplay Alpha Release!
  9. Good luck on future showcases! Regards, ~ Destiny
  10. Still waiting on my money :P But i'll let you know :)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the new Paleto fuel station! I tried to give its old worn down look a new jacket, and turned out pretty awesome! This station is equiped with a whole new neon lighting system, 2 fuel posts, a new concrete floor and a fixed roof (somewhat) Hope you guys enjoy this restoration! Regards, ~ Destiny


  12. I'm getting a 1060 6GB FE pretty soon here, and a CPU (I5 7500) for a whopping 200 only
  13. Yeah seen this aswell, hope it's any good
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a place where all of the Los Santos Services are allowed to come and fuel and clean their vehicles. This place has 9 fuel pumps, 3 hoses, and 2 hosereels. The right side of this place is meant for parking space. Everything is covered by a roof so your stored vehicles don’t get dirty by the rain while they are stationary


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