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  1. Destiny


    Deay Johnny and Barren, I am aware of the door issue at the cots, this has been adressed by my own local players but have been unable to fix this due to an issue with my singleplayer game as it will not run scripthookvdotnet properly causing it to not start my game. I have however found a small fix to this and will try to update the fire station. As for your problem Johnny: I think you are missing some props OR it could be since we had some problems on the downloads section with my file causing the previous update to get corrupted and reverted back to the update before that, reverting back my fixes on said issues. I'll however be looking into the map again at a later stage since i'm currently busy building my RP server. This shouldn't take too much time and will most likely be fixed in the oncomming week. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the late reply! - Destiny -Edit I have fixed my GTA5, but now i face another problem. Since i reinstalled Windows 10 i have lost all of my XML files to my maps...... And since Ymaps can't be converted back to readable XML files for menyoo, i have to find another way to open them. I have sent an XML file to someone though. but i can't remeber his name. Next time this post gets updated it will be with an updated FireStation
  2. Destiny

    High End Life

    © Sunny State Roleplay

  3. Destiny

    Plane Crash at Church

    How did you get that smoke stuff going?
  4. Destiny

    DPPD and SASP Responding

    Oooh i like that vic, nice model!
  5. Destiny


    © Sunny State Roleplay

  6. Destiny


    Nex to the prison
  7. Destiny


    There are multiple guides on the fivem forum on how to install a resource
  8. Sunny State Roleplay V 0.0.2
  9. Sunny State Roleplay Alpha Release!
  10. Still waiting on my money :P But i'll let you know :)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the new Paleto fuel station! I tried to give its old worn down look a new jacket, and turned out pretty awesome! This station is equiped with a whole new neon lighting system, 2 fuel posts, a new concrete floor and a fixed roof (somewhat) Hope you guys enjoy this restoration! Regards, ~ Destiny


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