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  1. Sunny State Roleplay V 0.0.2
  2. Sunny State Roleplay Alpha Release!
  3. This guide will show you how you can clear server cache. Step 1: Navigate to your FiveM Server Directory. This should look like this: Step 2: Navigate to the "Data" folder in your directory. This should look like this: Step 3: You guessed it, navigate to the cache folder. Once in the cache folder , you delete EVERYTHING! (you can either delete the folder "files" or go in the folder and delete all the cache folders one by one) Start up your FiveM server and you're done! Have fun! Heres a little batch file i used for starting up my server, there clearing your cache is automated through the Windows CMD prompt. ServerStart.bat Do note that you will need to change your filepath in the batch file! Regards, ~ Destiny
  4. This guide will show you how you can clear server cache. Step 1: Find your FiveM game directory. (this would be on your users appdata > Local by standard!) It should look like this: Step 2: Open up FiveM Application Data. This should look like this: Step 3: Open up the "cache" folder. it should contain the following folders and files: If you don't have these folders, you have to start your client and join a random server, but that would be pointless because your cache would be clear to begin with. Step 4: Now that we are in the cache folder, you need to delete everything EXCEPT for the "game" folder!! Now you can start up your client and start playing. Do note that clearing your cache WILL get rid of your favorites, recently joined etc. You will have to redownload custom files that servers stream for ex. cars, peds, weapons etc. Thats how to clear your cache! Have fun! Regards, ~ Destiny
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