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  1. Dear Candice, Your application is currently being reviewed and an outcome will be made shortly. -Captain Waterloo Moderator
  2. Am working on getting some stuff converted here is a Pic off one of them
  3. Name: Alex Age: Almost 17 Timezone: Central European Time Length at Next Generation Roleplay: Some time now not sure how long What Contributions can you make to the community as a staff member? Experience, Knowledge about different stuff like Real life emergency services, FiveM, Modding and prob some more Why do you believe you should join the staff team? Cause i think am fit for a staff position and i have alot of experience and knowledge, hope help take off some stress from @Ayrton Hadfield What is one change that you believe that would make Next Generation better? Working on getting people more active and get more content creators. Anything else you would like to add to your application? Hopefully not, hope the other should do, pls do DM if there is any follow up questions.
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