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  1. California State RP Community. Our unique approach to realism and professionalism along with a family orientated style of role play is what we plan on to mold this community. Having a place where people get together is one thing, but having a community that is built off of the love of gaming and the willingness to better yourself and the people around you is what makes the California RP an outstanding community to be apart of. We have spent countless hours, minutes, and seconds creating a standard, a way of life, and last but not least a fan base. We pride ourselves knowing that we can provide entertainment for the amazing Players. Our half decade of experience pushes us to become better than the day before, striving to stand out and be unique, to be ourselves and to do what we love most. Role Play. Thank you We want to thank you, our Staff, Administration, fans, and members of the California State Role Play community for taking the time to dedicate yourself and thrive this community that we call home. Our Departments LAPD -Los Angeles Police Department - LAPD is the official police department for the city of Los Angeles. We offer a lot of subdivisions to be a part of,some of them are G.N.T.F, Speed enforcement, SWAT, K9, Detective and Search and Rescue. Being a part of LAPD also gives you a second family, we treat every single person with the same amount of respect and affection regardless of rank and any other factors. The heads of LAPD have a lot of experience of Being Law enforcement officers and know exactly what they are doing. Officers of the LAPD strive for excellence and to better themselves every single day. The officers who are a part of the LAPD are also very friendly, you would never feel out of place when part of the LAPD. We offer a huge selection of vehicles. The LAPD is always hiring, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of this magnificent department, please feel free to apply. Thank you!! If you need any more information, please contact @[1A-01] F. Cole LACS - Los Angeles County Sheriff - Currently Under Development, LACS We Offer Plenty of Fun and Interesting Subdivisons such as Detectives, SWAT, ASU and K9! When you become apart of LACS you become apart of something bigger than just a department. You become apart of a Large Family that will have your back in and out of RP through thick and thin. If you have any other questions feel free to Contact @Chief Deputy J.Rollins#5007 on Discord CHP - California Highway Patrol - Currently under Development, If you want to know any more information, please contact @[E-01] 𝙂. π˜½π™–π™ π™šπ™§ FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation -You should join Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because, we treat each other like family and respect one and each other. We are United State’s first line of defence for high-priority crimes, for example, finding people that have warrants for mass murder and terrorist attacks/threats. FBI is one of the most highly trained ones out on the line of duty, when you join FBI you get a second family and we respect each other and we got each others back. To get into the Secret Service you must be high-up in FBI and get chosen by FBI directors to protect some of the most powerful individuals in the US such as Donald Trump. If you need any more information, Please contact @[1F-01] Chilies FAA Federal Aviation Administration - On this server we have locked Planes and Helicopters behind a wall as we found everyone was abusing the power to be able to fly! This is why we have made this, you must undertake training before getting your desired License ( Helicopter - Plane ) Once you have the training you can fly anything as long as its in RP If you need anymore information, please contact @[1A-02] Rodriguez CEMS California Emergency Medical Services - We are looking for someone to come and lead our EMS. Please Contact Sam on discord. 𝓒π“ͺ𝓢#0002 CSFS - California State Fire Service - We are looking for someone to come and lead our Fire Service. Please Contact Sam on discord. 𝓒π“ͺ𝓢#0002 Gangs - You should join gangs as it will improve your role play experience as you will meet many other players who enjoy role playing with different experiences that can share and help improve and build your role play. When you join a gang it gives you a sense of community as you will always have someone to talk to and play with, being part of a gang also helps the server as all role play scenes in a gangs will involve more than just two people and gang role play scenes can last up to 2 hours! Being in a gang helps to meet others out side of role play as if you are close with someone in a gang they could introduce you to new friends, for example Sam joined my mafia and we became mates and same with all people in here from Vendetta. I hope to see you soon, Dill P. ο»Ώ THE DISCORD - https://discord.gg/32syzN Server IP -
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