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Found 7 results

  1. Community Spotlight - 6th Edition Christmas Edition Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Community Spotlight! For people new to the spotlight here is a rundown of what it contains; The Community Spotlight contains download files, images, and topics that have been submitted to the website by the community that has caught the eye of the staff team, it also contains information and sometimes competitions. I know it has been a while since the last spotlight was released but the end of year review is being released in the near future to address this and also to share the future of Next Generation Roleplay going into the next year, 2020. Downloads: So to start this edition off we have a couple of downloads that have been submitted that have caught our eye. Firstly we have a couple of files created by @candimods based off of New York City, an FDNY F-350 Ambulance. This download contains both an ELS and NON-ELS version which makes it perfect for both FiveM and singleplayer. I personally use this model on my FiveM RP server and my Fire Chief loves it. Secondly another NON-ELS vehicle in the form of an NYPD 2016 Ford Explorer complete with message board. This vehicle just keeps us wanting more NYPD, especially more NON-ELS NYPD. Next comes a file from @JWalker who is a familiar name within community spotlights, this time it is with his new MRAP with a fully functioning water cannon for dealing with those pesky protestors disrupting the city of Los Santos. This vehicle is fully armored and would be a great addition to any SWAT unit. Gallery: So for gallery pictures, there is a lot to showcase so I will post the links to the photos and the credits of who posted them. Enjoy! Credit: @lonlyblobb11129 Credit: @lonlyblobb11129 Credit: @Squad_65 Credit: @Squad_65 Credit: @Ayrton Hadfield Credit: @Jarrod92180 On the final note, Next Generation Roleplay is now a Humble Bundle Partner, this means you are able to support the website whilst getting games you like at cheap prices, click the Humble Bundle on the homepage to be taken to Humble Bundle to Explore. Alternatively, you can click the icon below. I hope you all have had a great holiday period and are enjoying spending time with your families and eating lots of food, Remember be safe and tune in to the next edition of the community spotlight, Ayrton Hadfield Founder
  2. Community Spotlight - 5th Edition So due to looking back on things I have decided to release the community spotlights in editions now instead of week #. This is because community spotlights haven't been released bi-weekly like intended. So welcome everybody to the 5th edition of Community Spotlight. Downloads: So for downloads for this edition, there is a truck that I have been waiting patiently for a few months now, as you guys probably can guess it is made by @JWalker again. This time it is his Panther. You don't normally see airport equipment around and it is a piece of apparatus that I will be using in my server for sure. The link to the Panther can be found below. Posts: For everyone that is interested in classic cars and anything racing, go check out my post from the Silverstone classic (pictures are still being uploaded) where you can see many different pictures and a few videos of the event. Also if you like cars go ahead and post pictures of your cars in the Show us your pride and joy topic and discuss them with others, mine is already in there! Gallery: So for gallery pictures, there are a couple that I would like to share with you all this edition. The first two images are from @Squad_65, one of which showcased his fleet of LSX Fire vehicles and the other showcasing them in training. COMPETITION TIME So as you guys already know we are approaching 1000 members really fast and now we are over 900 members the giveaway is now open, be sure to read the requirements and also post on the suggestion post on what you would like to be given away. The giveaway will close once we reach 1150 members which should give us just over a month for people to meet the requirements. Good luck everyone! That's all from me this week, Ayrton
  3. Community Spotlight - Week 4 Apologies about this issue being delayed, I was away on a small vacation without a computer to write the spotlight, you will be able to see some pictures and videos from my trip in an upcoming post. Downloads: This weeks download section is greeting you with two downloads due to the delay. First of all, we have @TheKodah with their Dodge Charger which is unmarked and features a unique lighting setup which looks and functions amazingly and I hope that we see more vehicle models from @TheKodah in the future. The link to the Dodge Charger can be found below. The second download file that you see this week is once again made by @JWalker who brings a Dodge Ram 3500 Brush/Light Rescue to us. Again it goes without saying it is brilliant work once again and has a great light setup and openable shutters. Again you are able to find the download below. Posts: For this week I am promoting my own post but an important one at that. Go check out the giveaway suggestion post and post your ideas since we are creeping towards the 1000 member mark. The post can be found below, Gallery: The gallery section also gives two picks this week, starting off with an image from @Jarrod92180 of a car transporter trailer pulling in what looks to be a car dealership, the livery on the trailer is done really well along with the time of day with the light hitting the trailer and highlighting the text on the side. The picture is posted below. The second image was posted by again a familiar face, @Squad_65, and is of an ambulance roaming around in horrible raining conditions which makes it different as you don't normally see images in this condition. but as always a great image. You can find the image below as always. That is all for this issue of the community spotlight, as always each person featured will receive 10 reputation points (apart from me). Also on a final note, I would like to see the forum section to become more active, maybe if you're a developer you could make a showcase, showing off your WIP or show off your vehicle in the Show us your pride and joy section you can find here:https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/topic/1404-show-us-your-pride-and-joy/ or start your own conversations. That's all from me this week, Ayrton
  4. Community Spotlight - Week 3 Week 3 is here! (Had a slight technical difficulty with timed post releases) I won't delay this week so let's jump right into it. Downloads: This weeks download content comes from a new content creator on the website, @Captain Waterloo with his 1985 Impala. Another classic vehicle which seems to be a trend with releases recently, the Impala comes equipped with a nice rotator lightbar and it will fit into any classic fleet or as a spare for county use. A link to the 1985 Impala can be found below. Posts: For this week there will be no posts within the spotlight due to there not being any new posts. Encourage your friends and other members to become active in the forum. Gallery: For another week returning to this section of the spotlight is @Squad_65 with an image of an LAFD Ambulance responding through Rockford Hills lit up like a Christmas tree. Again the lighting of the photo has been taken at the perfect time of day so the lights pop and stand out but the background is still easily visible. Staff Pick: Staff Pick is back again this week and this time it is @Destiny who chose their favourite content from the site. @Destiny Chose the Wisconsin DOT skin made by @GalaxyXX due to liking its high quality of the texture and simple look of the design. The link to the texture can be found below. That's all for this weeks community spotlight, I would like to thank again everybody that has been posting on the site. Giving a special mention @JWalker for having one of his downloads be the first to hit over 100 downloads. We are now over 450 members on the site so let's see if we can get the forum section active and meet new people and discover new things. See you in a couple of weeks in the next community spotlight, Ayrton
  5. Community Spotlight - Week 2 Week 2 is finally here! A slight delay on my behalf due to being a little too hungover yesterday to write this (stag do weekend) but the community spotlight will return back to its scheduled Sunday release for week 3. From the last spotlight, we have grown again in size so I would like to welcome all the new members. So let's get straight into it. Downloads: For this spotlight, there will be two pieces of content in the downloads section due to another category lacking currently, so first up if @Squad_65 with his classic 1980 Mack CF release. It is great to see classic fire vehicles being released and personally, they are some of my favourites. It is also Squad_65's first download release on the site so hopefully we will see more from him in the future. The link to the 1980 Mack CF is found below. For the second download in the spotlight, we have J.Walker returning with another amazing release. This time it is his Seagrave Marauder mini-pack. This includes an engine, tower ladder, and even a walk-in rescue! As always from @JWalker the models are great and the templates are easy to work with. You would struggle not to make these trucks part of your fire fleet. A link to the pack can be found below. Posts: For this week there will be no posts within the spotlight due to there not being any new posts. Encourage your friends and other members to become active in the forum. Gallery: Another returning face to this section of the spotlight is @Squad_65 with more beautifully taken screenshots of fire vehicles and this image is no exception. In this picture, you are able to see a fire department response to an aircraft crash at a church with a red sky and the lights from the vehicles really glowing it all comes together. Squad_65 has posted more pictures in the gallery so make sure to go check them all out. The image for the spotlight can be found below. And that is it for this weeks community spotlight, thank you to everybody that has posted content on the site so far and I hope to see a lot more in the coming weeks as we keep growing the site. Remember to post on the forums, a new section is being added for vehicle talk so why not show us your pride and joy? As with last week, everybody featured will gain 10 reputation points per feature . See you in a couple of weeks for the next community spotlight, Happy Posting, Ayrton.
  6. Community Spotlight - Week 1 So there has been a fair bit of content posted onto the site now (more is always welcome) so welcome to the first community spotlight which highlights our favourite picks from content around the site. This will be a bi-weekly (every two weeks) spotlight that will allow you to discover new content or content that you missed while giving the creator some light for their work. These posts will be broken down into the following sections; Downloads, Posts, Gallery, Staff Pick. So without further delay, let's start the spotlight. Downloads: For my pick of the downloads section, this week has got to be the fantastic F-450 Ambulance made by J.Walker. The model is nice, clean and detailed and it has an amazing light pattern to it. The template is easy to work with so you will be able to livery it up to match the rest of your fire departments fleet (or private medical fleet if you're into that). With at time of writing it has 30 downloads making it the most downloaded file on the site. Thank you to J.Walker for posting the file which can be found at: Posts: For my pick of posts, it has to be the two helpful guides from Destiny in the GTA Support section guiding people through how to clear their client and server cache for FiveM. It is still something I see people looking for help on how to do and these guides will help new and confused users of the FiveM platform. Links to these posts can be found below: Gallery: Alot of images have been posted into the gallery over the last couple of weeks but one really stood out to me. Squad_65 posted a picture of a Blaine County Fire Department Rescue 1 responding. It looks like an amazing light rescue based off a Dodge Ram Crew Cab and combined with the blue sky with what looks to be drying rain puddles makes this image stand out. The image can be found below. Staff Pick: This week GalaxyXX our new moderator picked out his favourite content which once again is a picture from the gallery posted by Squad_65 showing classic fire trucks, I understand why he likes this image as you don't get to see many of these trucks. You can find the image below. And that is it for this weeks community spotlight, thank you to everybody that has posted content on the site so far and I hope to see a lot more in the coming weeks as we keep growing the site. Speaking of growing the site we are now coming in close to 300 members signed up so please keep sharing your content. See you in a couple of weeks for the next community spotlight, Happy Posting, Ayrton.
  7. Current Posting Ranks 0-10: New Member 10-25: Junior Member 25-40: Familiar Poster 40-42: Experienced Poster 42: The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything 42-70: Experienced Poster 70-100: Postaholic 100-150: Centennial Club 150-200: Forum Addict 200-300: Forum Spammer If you have any suggestions for more ranks please either post on this thread or post in the suggestions category.
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