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Found 5 results

  1. Live Changes: SSL is now fully validated on the site so all information is fully protected and the website will now default to https. All the main Categories now have an icon. The gaming specific categories have been merged into a category so the main forum page isn't as long. Members can now have more private message conversations at a time. Added Next Generation Roleplay Logo to all official posts. Added optional browser notifications to alert users when people post on their threads or reply to them. Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  2. Live Changes: Email Account Validation is now active on the website for quicker activation of accounts. Tweaked Download and Upload Settings so uploading and downloading should be less painful. Added the ability for Verified Content Creators to sell their files (models/skins/maps etc.) on the site. (No commission is taken and creators get 100% of the money paid by the user). Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  3. Live Changes: Added more fields on the profile page. Added Rank Graphics. Added Post Graphics. Added Staff Application Requirements. Added Staff Application Template. Work In Progress: New Site Logo. Discord Integration. Site Rules. I apologise for the gap between updates to the site, I got caught up in a couple of things but the project is back on the front seat.
  4. Live Changes: Added Administrator Permissions. Added Farming Simulator Section. Added Verified role requirements. Added permissions for Support Team and Moderators. Added tempory logo. Work In Progress: Discord Implementation. More fields on personal profiles.
  5. Live Changes: Created basic site structure. Created Roles and Ranks. Edited Theme. Updated forum page look. Added permissions for Support Team and Moderators. Work In Progress: Editing Administrator Permissions. Discord Implementation. More fields on personal profiles.
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