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Found 10 results

  1. Live Changes: An RSS Feed is now linked to the Discord which will post in the relevant channels if a new topic is created, an image is posted in the gallery or a new file has been uploaded to the downloads section. By doing this people will be able to stay up to date with content on the website more easily. Thank you for reading, Ayrton
  2. Live Changes: Certain ranks now have effects that also add effects to your name, these are Founder (adds a sparkle to the name), Administrator (adds red fire to the name), Moderator (adds oranges fire to the name), Donator (adds a sparkle to the name), Streamer (adds a purple sparkle to the name), Youtuber (adds red sparkle to the name). CONTENT CREATORS, PLEASE READ: Withdrawals have now been fixed and are processed as they should be. I have been working with @HCG Studios to get the system to where it works as it should. The only time the money has been held is when the person that has purchased the item has been an eBay non-performer and PayPal has held the money for around 2 weeks before releasing the funds. This is out of my hands, unfortunately. Thank you for reading, Ayrton
  3. Live Changes: Secondary groups are now displayed under the primary group and post rank image. CONTENT CREATORS, PLEASE READ: After a test was done today alongside IGS Apex the file selling system has been tested. The findings are as followed and come with the changes listed: When somebody purchases a file from you the money gets sent into the site PayPal that is linked with donations to the site along with advertisement purchasing. With this PayPal takes 30 Cents and then 2.9% of the transaction as fees. The money is credited into your account on the forums which you can access you hovering over the store button then selecting Account Credit and it will show you how much credit you have and you will be able to withdraw the money to your Paypal from there. This will then take the money from the Next Generation account and put it into your Paypal. Because of this, I have decided to introduce a 3% site commission to cover some of the Paypal charges which will cover most of it but not all. I hope you all understand, it isn't something I wanted to do but currently, I am not in a financial position to cover the charges but if this changes in the future then I will remove the site commission and cover the charges myself. Thank you, Ayrton
  4. Live Changes: Gmod Forum Section added and all Gmod posts moved to the correct topics. Mission Chief Section added to to the forum and downloads section. Rust Forum section removed due to no content. Upcoming Changes: If no content is posted the Arma and Farming Simulator sections will be removed to make space for over game sections. (Use Suggestions Section to suggest new sections)
  5. Live Changes: Fixed Error in the content creator file selling system where site commission was accidentally set to 100% instead of 0%. The site doesn't take any money from paid downloads and all money goes to the content creator. Added vehicle talk section under general discussion for people to speak about vehicles.
  6. Live Changes: SSL is now fully validated on the site so all information is fully protected and the website will now default to https. All the main Categories now have an icon. The gaming specific categories have been merged into a category so the main forum page isn't as long. Members can now have more private message conversations at a time. Added Next Generation Roleplay Logo to all official posts. Added optional browser notifications to alert users when people post on their threads or reply to them. Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  7. Live Changes: Email Account Validation is now active on the website for quicker activation of accounts. Tweaked Download and Upload Settings so uploading and downloading should be less painful. Added the ability for Verified Content Creators to sell their files (models/skins/maps etc.) on the site. (No commission is taken and creators get 100% of the money paid by the user). Works in Progress: Bug Testing Systems. Taking Feedback.
  8. Live Changes: Added more fields on the profile page. Added Rank Graphics. Added Post Graphics. Added Staff Application Requirements. Added Staff Application Template. Work In Progress: New Site Logo. Discord Integration. Site Rules. I apologise for the gap between updates to the site, I got caught up in a couple of things but the project is back on the front seat.
  9. Live Changes: Added Administrator Permissions. Added Farming Simulator Section. Added Verified role requirements. Added permissions for Support Team and Moderators. Added tempory logo. Work In Progress: Discord Implementation. More fields on personal profiles.
  10. Live Changes: Created basic site structure. Created Roles and Ranks. Edited Theme. Updated forum page look. Added permissions for Support Team and Moderators. Work In Progress: Editing Administrator Permissions. Discord Implementation. More fields on personal profiles.
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