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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    Pre Made FiveM Server These files were once used as an actual whitelisted community's server base. This is about 95% of the original server files, the small number of assets removed were either purchased from other creators or were left out due to exclusivity or incompatibility with other communities (should they ever use it). !!! This Server Is Based In Massachusetts !!! This can be edited, but it will take some time due to the branding & vehicles. This server includes an Element Club Key, allowing EUP, Colored Server Name & 64 slots. (Long story short, I know an admin for the cfx.re project and have a free element key) Server Information Non-Economic (No VRP, ESX, etc.) Custom Made Scripts (Private / Exclusive) Custom Made Vehicles (Private / Exclusive) Custom Made YMAPs & Interiors (Private / Exclusive) Custom Made Liveries / Skins (Private / Exclusive) Other Smaller Items [*] Specifics Over 100 Civilian Vehicles [*] Includes 2 Main Departments (Boston & Mass State Police) Over 50 Scripts (Including Custom Made Ones) [*] Custom Made Scripts For Civilians, Fire / EMS & Police / Government Law Enforcement Agencies Server Is Completely Non-ELS More Information May Be Requested From: Nathan G.#4049 Via Discord... DISCLAIMER Some scripts & vehicles in the server are from other creators. Due to rules forbidding re-uploading / redistributing, some of these items will be removed from the server files. Anything marked with a [*] is excluded from the server. HOWEVER: DMing me and asking me for some "support" can allow me to send you the configured vehicles and scripts to complete the server's file collection without breach of author rules. This server collectively took well over 100 total hours of work to configure, edit and create. Additional assistance in transitioning server states (From Mass to another state / country) may be provided at an additional cost. Contact John Doe#6493 via discord for more information. Overall the server exceeds 200 total resources but they are all optimized and rarely cause lag/frame loss. *Notice : the only provided file is a read me with instruction on how to obtain the file collection.


  2. Spokane County Roleplay | Custom Assets | CAD/MDT Hello everybody looking for a quality role play community with good values SCRP is the one for you. Based in Spokane County WA. we have many departments ranging from civilian to LEO to even security company's such as SecuroServ we have many custom assets and vehicle skins you wont find anywhere else. Here at SCRP we know the meaning of role play and if you do not know it we will show it to you. if your interested in joining message me on discord @TheMoFuckinCherif#1609 - Cash M ( Co-Owner)
  3. COMING SOON More info below Community Name: Arma 3 Roleplay Community Features: @Ayrton Hadfield plays here lol Custom Map (Kelleys Island, Ohio) 200+ Modded Vehicles Advanced Identity Advanced Restrain System Advanced Fuel and Fuel Stations Advanced Impound Advanced GPS Vehicle Ticket System Custom Police Database System Custom Screen Effects Lots of Jobs Farming System Growing System In-game Whitelist Menu Vehicle Transfer System Ebay Company System Vehicle Mod Shop Lots more than I can name here Mods: Must join our teamspeak to get mods Discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/YdqhUGB Teamspeak Server nickname or Address: a3rp, arma3roleplay, ts3-a3rp, ts3-arma3roleplay
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