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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, my Names Waterloo or Alex. Am a "modeller" for GTA and likes FiveM in my free time, Am a big Emergency Enthusiast, hope i meed a lot of nice people and have some nice times.
  2. My names fred and I've been involved in pc gaming in some way shape or form for close to 10 years while I'm new to next Gen roleplay I hope to meet alot of people and help alot out in my time here feel free to message me with any questions or ideas
  3. Hello i am GalaxyXX or just Galaxy. My backstory is that rn im 14, Im from the United States, I do lots of skins for vehicles in my spare time. i also like to edit the carcols and light textures of vehicles to have them be unique.
  4. Hello my name is Frankie, I've been gaming for around 16-17 years now. I first found Next Generation flicking through things to play and came across it and always found it my home in which I was handed a staff position last year. I've been roleplaying for 10 years now on SAMP but after a long period of time, GTA V Roleplay was introduced and thought I would try it out. Here I am many years down the line and many more to come
  5. Hi, my name is Destiny and i have been a part of hadfield's Next Generation Roleplay Fivem Community as his developer. I joined in beginning of 2018 and started working my way up! I'm a 19 year old belgian citizen of almighty great Europe and currently studying ICT. This consist networking and programming. I do FiveM stuff on my free time. I currently play on Sunny State Roleplay (successor of NGRP) as SWAT Commander. I play airsoft as a hobby and own an upgraded M4, an fn five-seven pistol and an upgraded l96 sniper rifle. I mostly play with the sniper outdoors during summer/spring times. During other seasons i tend to revert to indoor CQB. I also have a passion for building and maintaining PC's. I built my own pc myself, consisting of: I5 6400 Overclocked to 3.20 16GB of RAM 2 and 1/2 TB of storage GTX 960 4GB OC G1 Gaming by Gigabyte Gigabyte ultra durable motherboard (don't know the exact model out of my head) 650W PSU by Xilent Apart from that i welcome you all to Next Generation! Hope to be spending time with you all! Regards, ~ Destiny
  6. Again welcome to Next Generation Roleplay, some of you may already know but I started Next Generation Roleplay as a FiveM roleplay community back in 2017, after almost 2 years of highs and lows the FiveM community merged with another server New Age RP. From this it then freed up the name Next Generation Roleplay for me to start the project that I wanted to do for a while, and here is the result. So about me, I've been playing video games for over 10 years and started out with the original Xbox and Halo, before long I progressed through different consoles until I finally built my first PC. I went to University to study Computer Science but my aims with my personal life at the moment are to get back fit and join the Royal Air Force or the Police. But that is enough about me, I look forward to reading and replying to your welcome messages in the Meet the Community section.
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