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Ayrton Hadfield

Community Spotlight - Week 1

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Community Spotlight - Week 1

So there has been a fair bit of content posted onto the site now (more is always welcome) so welcome to the first community spotlight which highlights our favourite picks from content around the site. This will be a bi-weekly (every two weeks) spotlight that will allow you to discover new content or content that you missed while giving the creator some light for their work. These posts will be broken down into the following sections; Downloads, Posts, Gallery, Staff Pick. So without further delay, let's start the spotlight.


For my pick of the downloads section, this week has got to be the fantastic F-450 Ambulance made by J.Walker. The model is nice, clean and detailed and it has an amazing light pattern to it. The template is easy to work with so you will be able to livery it up to match the rest of your fire departments fleet (or private medical fleet if you're into that). With at time of writing it has 30 downloads making it the most downloaded file on the site. Thank you to J.Walker for posting the file which can be found at: 



For my pick of posts, it has to be the two helpful guides from Destiny in the GTA Support section guiding people through how to clear their client and server cache for FiveM. It is still something I see people looking for help on how to do and these guides will help new and confused users of the FiveM platform. Links to these posts can be found below:





Alot of images have been posted into the gallery over the last couple of weeks but one really stood out to me. Squad_65 posted a picture of a Blaine County Fire Department Rescue 1 responding. It looks like an amazing light rescue based off a Dodge Ram Crew Cab and combined with the blue sky with what looks to be drying rain puddles makes this image stand out. The image can be found below.


Staff Pick:

This week GalaxyXX our new moderator picked out his favourite content which once again is a picture from the gallery posted by Squad_65 showing classic fire trucks, I understand why he likes this image as you don't get to see many of these trucks. You can find the image below.


And that is it for this weeks community spotlight, thank you to everybody that has posted content on the site so far and I hope to see a lot more in the coming weeks as we keep growing the site. Speaking of growing the site we are now coming in close to 300 members signed up so please keep sharing your content.


See you in a couple of weeks for the next community spotlight,

Happy Posting,


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