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Community Spotlight - Week 2

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Community Spotlight - Week 2

Week 2 is finally here! A slight delay on my behalf due to being a little too hungover yesterday to write this (stag do weekend) but the community spotlight will return back to its scheduled Sunday release for week 3.  From the last spotlight, we have grown again in size so I would like to welcome all the new members. So let's get straight into it.


For this spotlight, there will be two pieces of content in the downloads section due to another category lacking currently, so first up if @Squad_65 with his classic 1980 Mack CF release. It is great to see classic fire vehicles being released and personally, they are some of my favourites. It is also Squad_65's first download release on the site so hopefully we will see more from him in the future. The link to the 1980 Mack CF is found below.



For the second download in the spotlight, we have J.Walker returning with another amazing release. This time it is his Seagrave Marauder mini-pack. This includes an engine, tower ladder, and even a walk-in rescue! As always from @JWalker the models are great and the templates are easy to work with. You would struggle not to make these trucks part of your fire fleet. A link to the pack can be found below.



For this week there will be no posts within the spotlight due to there not being any new posts. Encourage your friends and other members to become active in the forum.



Another returning face to this section of the spotlight is @Squad_65 with more beautifully taken screenshots of fire vehicles and this image is no exception. In this picture, you are able to see a fire department response to an aircraft crash at a church with a red sky and the lights from the vehicles really glowing it all comes together. Squad_65 has posted more pictures in the gallery so make sure to go check them all out. The image for the spotlight can be found below.



And that is it for this weeks community spotlight, thank you to everybody that has posted content on the site so far and I hope to see a lot more in the coming weeks as we keep growing the site. Remember to post on the forums, a new section is being added for vehicle talk so why not show us your pride and joy?


As with last week, everybody featured will gain 10 reputation points per feature .

See you in a couple of weeks for the next community spotlight,

Happy Posting,


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