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Ayrton Hadfield

Community Spotlight - Week 3

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Community Spotlight - Week 3

Week 3 is here! (Had a slight technical difficulty with timed post releases) I won't delay this week so let's jump right into it.


This weeks download content comes from a new content creator on the website, @Captain Waterloo with his 1985 Impala. Another classic vehicle which seems to be a trend with releases recently, the Impala comes equipped with a nice rotator lightbar and it will fit into any classic fleet or as a spare for county use. A link to the 1985 Impala can be found below.



For this week there will be no posts within the spotlight due to there not being any new posts. Encourage your friends and other members to become active in the forum.



For another week returning to this section of the spotlight is @Squad_65 with an image of an LAFD Ambulance responding through Rockford Hills lit up like a Christmas tree. Again the lighting of the photo has been taken at the perfect time of day so the lights pop and stand out but the background is still easily visible.



Staff Pick:

Staff Pick is back again this week and this time it is @Destiny who chose their favourite content from the site. @Destiny Chose the Wisconsin DOT skin made by @GalaxyXX due to liking its high quality of the texture and simple look of the design. The link to the texture can be found below. 



That's all for this weeks community spotlight, I would like to thank again everybody that has been posting on the site. Giving a special mention @JWalker for having one of his downloads be the first to hit over 100 downloads. We are now over 450 members on the site so let's see if we can get the forum section active and meet new people and discover new things.


See you in a couple of weeks in the next community spotlight,



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