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Ayrton Hadfield

Community Spotlight - Week 4

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Next Generation Roleplay

Community Spotlight - Week 4

Apologies about this issue being delayed, I was away on a small vacation without a computer to write the spotlight, you will be able to see some pictures and videos from my trip in an upcoming post.


This weeks download section is greeting you with two downloads due to the delay. First of all, we have @TheKodah with their Dodge Charger which is unmarked and features a unique lighting setup which looks and functions amazingly and I hope that we see more vehicle models from @TheKodah in the future. 

The link to the Dodge Charger can be found below.


The second download file that you see this week is once again made by @JWalker who brings a Dodge Ram 3500 Brush/Light Rescue to us. Again it goes without saying it is brilliant work once again and has a great light setup and openable shutters. Again you are able to find the download below.



For this week I am promoting my own post but an important one at that. Go check out the giveaway suggestion post and post your ideas since we are creeping towards the 1000 member mark. The post can be found below,




The gallery section also gives two picks this week, starting off with an image from @Jarrod92180 of a car transporter trailer pulling in what looks to be a car dealership, the livery on the trailer is done really well along with the time of day with the light hitting the trailer and highlighting the text on the side. The picture is posted below.

The second image was posted by again a familiar face, @Squad_65, and is of an ambulance roaming around in horrible raining conditions which makes it different as you don't normally see images in this condition. but as always a great image. You can find the image below as always.



That is all for this issue of the community spotlight, as always each person featured will receive 10 reputation points (apart from me). Also on a final note, I would like to see the forum section to become more active, maybe if you're a developer you could make a showcase, showing off your WIP or show off your vehicle in the Show us your pride and joy section you can find here:https://nextgenerationroleplay.com/index.php?/topic/1404-show-us-your-pride-and-joy/ or start your own conversations.

That's all from me this week,



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