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TheKodah - Verified Application

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Name:  TheKodah  (Dakotah)

Verified Role being applied for:  Streamer/Content Creator/Mod Creator

Age:  26

Link to Channel/Content showcase:  Twitch.tv/TheKodah     -     See Profile for Uploads (More coming very soon, 2+ by Friday.)

Followers/Subscribers:  5600+

How long have you been creating content/mods?  For a long time. Just recently came into the GTA V Mod Realm

Why do you want to become verified on Next Generation Roleplay?  So that individuals know that my work is good and trusted!

Have you read the verified role requirements?  Yes

Do you meet the minimum requirements?  Yes

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Dear TheKodah,

I am pleased to inform you that after reading your application I am approving you for the Content Creator and Streamer roles. If you have any questions please feel free to private message me either here or on Discord. 




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