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Ayrton Hadfield

Community Spotlight - 5th Edition

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Community Spotlight - 5th Edition

So due to looking back on things I have decided to release the community spotlights in editions now instead of week #. This is because community spotlights haven't been released bi-weekly like intended. So welcome everybody to the 5th edition of Community Spotlight.


So for downloads for this edition, there is a truck that I have been waiting patiently for a few months now, as you guys probably can guess it is made by @JWalker again. This time it is his Panther. You don't normally see airport equipment around and it is a piece of apparatus that I will be using in my server for sure. The link to the Panther can be found below.



For everyone that is interested in classic cars and anything racing, go check out my post from the Silverstone classic (pictures are still being uploaded) where you can see many different pictures and a few videos of the event. Also if you like cars go ahead and post pictures of your cars in the Show us your pride and joy topic and discuss them with others, mine is already in there!



So for gallery pictures, there are a couple that I would like to share with you all this edition. The first two images are from @Squad_65, one of which showcased his fleet of LSX Fire vehicles and the other showcasing them in training.




So as you guys already know we are approaching 1000 members really fast and now we are over 900 members the giveaway is now open, be sure to read the requirements and also post on the suggestion post on what you would like to be given away. The giveaway will close once we reach 1150 members which should give us just over a month for people to meet the requirements. Good luck everyone!

That's all from me this week,


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