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GTA DownloadJohn Deer Fire/EMS Gator & Rescue Trailer

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John Deer Fire/EMS Gator & Rescue Trailer

John Deer Fire/EMS Gator & Rescue Trailer
#NonELS #FiveM #FiveEMS #StretcherMOD
by candimods


alternate download mirror https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/john-deer-fire-ems-gator-rescue-trailer

you can see all my mods on http://store.candimods.com
this Mod was part of the SAFD Pack. i'm releasing it as a stand alone release.
the other vehicles showed can be downloaded from my website.
tested in Fivem but will work in SP as a normal vehicle with emergency lighting.

EMS Off road rescue John Deer
comes with Gator, and the ATR Rescue trailer that can sit one person, patient transport is disabled on the ATR Trailer its too close to the gator to work right in 5M, any other stretcher sculpt should work with this mods also

Limitations: In SP will operate like any other vehicles, in FIveM with FiveEMS or Stretcher MOD script you can load an unload patients into the back, toggle off the back stokes so you have room to loads the styker on the back.

some bugs: could use a better handling line or custom handling, tends for drift.

Vehicle Components
Extra 1: Liberty LIght Bar on Roof
Extra 2: fire rescue hose and water tank
Extra 3: Vest on Dashboard
Extra 4: medical bags in rear
Extra 5: rear orange splints
Extra 6: stokes with patient in
Extra 7: empty stokes

Extra 11: rear loads lights

jwalker for some rear parts
hpdeskjet johndeer bas
candimods conver to 4 wheels
and edit to template
apx7000 by otakiu from lsdpfr
livery by jamesr


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